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sync exchange ios 4.0.2

iPhone 4S Sync Exchange Email

With the new release of the iPhone 4S, we are getting a lot of new callers regarding iPhone 4S Sync Exchange Email issues. These corporate users just bought a brand new iPhone 4S from Verizon, AT&T or Sprint and are having troubles connecting to their Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003 servers.

We see this problem all the time.  We know how frustrating it can be to contact Apple, Verizon, AT&T regarding your new iPhone 4S Exchange issue.  It’s the typical FINGER pointing game.  Then you speak with your IT Department or Computer Repair “guy” about the sync issues — who throws up his hands and say I don’t know. Everyone spends hours trying to figure out why nothing is working. Then all of a sudden, someone finds TECHNOKOZ who offers flat rate iPhone 4S Sync help. The light bulb flashes and they make that call —> and within 20-50 minutes we fix their iPhone 4S Exchange issue on their Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 server. You see, we receive all sorts of iPhone related calls from IT Managers, Business Owners, and even IT Repair Companies. We will work with everyone to solve this issues.

How to deal with iPhone 4S Sync Exchange Email issues

Though iphone iPhone 4 exchange sync problems mostly occur because of server configuration problems and wrong activesync settings, iPhone 4S Sync Exchange Email issues also can be difficult to resolve. Often it occurs when iphone users implement iPhones for the first time or update the iPhone firmware to the latest IOS 5 build. The best way to solve these is to seek professional help and proven technical expertise.

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Give us a call today to discuss your situation. Remember, we can provide you valuable information without charging you one CENT!! Many times we are able to clear up any misguided blog posts you might find on the Internet.


Flat Rate for iPhone Exchange email sync issues with a 100% money back guarantee!


TechnoKOZ is the most affordable (FLAT RATE $175.00) iPhone Exchange Setup Experts found anywhere for enterprise, small business, and IT Repair companies. Give us a call today: 480.440.4650 / Skype: TECHNOKOZ

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There are still many blog posts regarding iphone cannot get mail issue. There is NO APPLE or AT&T, SPRINT or VERIZON BUG with IOS 5. You can wait 10 days, 20 days, 4 months, the same sync problems will still be there. We guarantee you will have a syncing Sprint- AT&T or Verizon iPhone or there is no PAYMENT!! So, avoid all of these dreadful posts when solving your iPhone 4S Sync Exchange Email issues.

We do everything through a simple WebEx session, so you can see everything.

Yes, it sounds really easy what we do here at TechnoKOZ, but after you read our GOOGLE gone wrong answers about this iPhone 4S Exchange issue, you can understand why our phone is ringing off the hook!!

You can contact our Technical Support Line between 6:00 pacific to 11:00 p.m. pacific at 480-440-4650 or Skype: TECHNOKOZ. We charge a FLAT Rate FEE to guarantee the Sync of your iPhone to your Exchange Server. …and remember if we do not solve problems like your iPhone 4S Sync Exchange Email issue, no payment!

What you get when you google for iPhone 4S Sync Exchange Email issues

Here is a sample of the junk on google right now for “iPhone 4S Sync Exchange Email issues,” you get answers like -

sync exchange ios 4.0.2 sync

Reset the IIS Admin password for the Default Web site. : Would you like about 2 hours of a repair headache getting your OWA back to working condition? Yes, this suggestion is a REAL show stopper. Avoid it at all cost

  • Change the Server’s Domain name to match certificate name. This idea creates major METABASE security corruption. Not sure of the intentions. Any event, it will create LONGTERM headaches for your organization.
  • Change the Server’s Computer name. Just like idea number 1. More trouble.

iPhone 4S Exchange issue (suggestions) you should avoid

  1. Install Configure Outlook Anywhere within IIS / Exchange. [FALSE] RPC/HTTP : You will view this suggestion all the time on google. Great way to connect your Outlook 2007/2003 clients to your server, but has nothing to do with ActiveSync.
  2. Resetting the IPHONE to factory defaults. [FALSE] Have not seen many times where a factory reset fixed a sync issue.
  3. Need Verizon / AT&T Business Data Plan for Exchange to Sync. [FALSE] Again, save your money. I am not sure why AT&T has this ploy. Their regular data plan works fine with Exchange.
  4. SBS Exchange 2003 Does not Support iPhone. [FALSE] Nice try! But the iPhone 2.0, 2.2, 3.0, 3.1, 4 works perfectly with Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server.
Reason why you should be calling us

We understand your desire to fix iPhone 4S Exchange issue by reading other GOOGLE solutions. But, is it good use of your time? We have yet to disappoint a customer.

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  • There will be no server down time. No Interruptions.
  • No server reboots.
  • You see all changes. Work is performed remotely through a secure WebEx session.
  • We are experienced and are careful as well. We take in account all of your existing software, such as BlackBerry Enterprise Servers and other Treo / Windows Mobile Devices.
  • Solved Front – End and Back – End Exchange 2003 / Exchange 2007, 2010 configurations as well as, SBS (Small Business Server), Standard, and Enterprise Exchange servers issues.
  • We will fix your iPhone 3G and Exchange Sync issue first, then ask for payment (You must think we are crazy, but we have to prove our exceptional abilities.
  • Not only will we save you time, but money as well. Sit back and relax and watch us sweat, instead of you!!
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We can help you with solutions for your iPhone 4S Sync Exchange Email issues

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